Based on the idea of a race between different insects on the rain, Puddle is a fast and light game in which players represent a bunch of kids betting on which insect will be the first to cross a puddle in the rain.


On the game, players take turns activating the insects, poking them to change their movements, rotating them to the right (or wrong) direction, making little waves that push insects on an area, and, of course, changing their favorite insects when they don't seem to be winning.


Before the action phase, a movement card is picked from each insect's deck, thus revealing how they will probably move. Then, during the action phase, players alternate between messing around with the insects until all have been activated once. The rain then messes with the insects a little more, and after it, the next round begins. As soon as one (or more) insect crosses the finish line, the player that has it as his favorite wins!

3-5 players, 30 min

Test in our digital prototype

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