Based on the Tower of Hanoi puzzle, Tōrō is a fast paced perfect information game in which each player controls a warrior by manipulating towers of elements on a separate board. The last warrior standing is the winner.


On the game, players take turns manipulating their element boards by moving pieces or activating spaces. Each board has 3 spaces and 5 pieces, each smaller than the next: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Void. The golden rule of the game is that a piece may never be above another piece of smaller size. Whenever a piece is moved from the space it is in, it may carry along any piece above it to the space it is being moved to. Whenever a space is activated, all pieces on it affect the respective warrior with their specific effects, and disperse on the element board afterwards.


Earth grants the warrior defense against attacks. Water lets the player mess with other player's element boards. Fire grants the warrior an attack against adjacent opponents. Air makes the warrior move to an adjacent space. Void, finally, doesn't have any effect, but a space may only be activated if Void is on it.

2-4 players, 5 min/player

Test in our digital prototype

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